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Get Involved

The lab welcomes collaboration from Australia and around the world.

Industry Collaboration

The lab welcomes collaboration with industry partners to solve real-world social media issues. Please email your issues to We will get back to you with 48 hours during the workdays. We will set up a meeting to discuss your needs.

Research Collaboration

The lab welcomes research collaboration with various stakeholders. The outcome of the research collaboration will often be a joint research grant application or international peer-reviewed journal publication. The lab is able to assist you with social media data collection as well as social media analytics.

Visiting Scholars and PhD Students

If you would like to visit the Social Media Research Lab as visiting scholar or PhD student, please send the following information to the


1: Current CV

2: How long you would like to visit.

3: social media related project that you would like to collaborate with the lab.


If you would like to do a PhD with the social media research lab at Curtin, please email the following information to Before emailing your information, please check whether you meet the eligibility requirement for doing a PhD at Curtin. 

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