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Research Projects

The interaction between emoji and social media content type in consumer engagement: a mixed approach

This research project examines how the interaction between emoji (emotional vs semantic) and social media content (aesthetic experience vs promotion) influences consumer engagement on Twitter.

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User-generated content + A novel accounting framework = Airbnb carbon footprint

This research project develops a novel accounting framework to calculate Airbnb carbon footprint through user generated content.

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A Sequential Pattern Mining Approach on Tourist Movement

This research projects propose a more comprehensive sequential patterning mining approach to understand tourist movement during a mega event.

Enduring involvement of anime tourists on Instagram:  A machine learning approach

Anime tourism is a type of cultural consumption induced by anime (Japanese animations), comics, and video games. During travel, anime tourists exhibit strong cultural characteristics in their behaviours. This research project investigates enduring involvement of anime tourists on Instagram.

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Using Social Media to Mobilize Airbnb Support in Times of Humanitarian Crisis

Underpinned by the ‘social movement’ success framework, this project employed a social media analytics approach to investigate how online communities are mobilized through social media in supporting Airbnb’s initiatives towards Ukraine.

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