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Research Capabilities 

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Social Listening

  • Discover real time consumer insights including trends, topics & influencers in social media across 187 languages

  • Monitor brand’s online presence, actual events, and campaigns to track KPIs to improve business performance

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Social Media Analytics

  • Analyze a variety of social media channels and those of the competitors including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok in real time

  • Incorporate advanced social media analytics methods – text-mining, image analytics, voice analytics

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Digital Brand Strategy

  • Develop a clear and data driven social media brand identity and content strategies to create meaningful social media conversations to drive business outcomes

Market Analysis
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Social Media Training

Working with the executive education team at Curtin Business School, we provide research-led specialized social media training for a variety of sectors including education, and small medium enterprises. 

Training programs include:

  • Social Media Marketing Foundation and Mastery

  • Social Media Analytics

  • Social Media Marketing in China

  • Understanding digital consumers

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