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The Social Media Research Lab at Curtin University was established with the aim of empowering individuals, businesses, and wider society to address local, national and global challenges using social media. The lab works closely with a range of industry and government end-users to create and develop research-led and practical solutions to social and industrial problems.

The lab undertakes the following activities:

• Conducts innovative and meaningful social media research to address pressing social issues;
• Delivers research-informed training programs to support small and medium enterprises in building digital competence;
• Organises workshops through which academics and representatives from government, organisations, non-profit organisations, businesses, and policy groups can discuss issues in relation to social media empowerment; and
• Advocates on behalf of marginalised groups to instigate changes in society and reduce barriers to social media participation.

Research Capabilities

Social Listening

Discover real time consumer insights including trends, topics & influencers in social media across 187 languages 

Social Media 

Analyze a variety of social media channels and those of the competitors in real time 

Digital Brand

Develop strategies to create meaningful social media conversations to drive business outcomes

Social Media 
Training Courses

Provide research-led specialized social media marketing and analytics trainings

Our partners:

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Our awards:


Social Media Research Lab was awarded  "2022 CETT Alimara Barcelona Award" for applied research in addressing the challenges faced by the industry.

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