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A Sequential Pattern Mining Approach on Tourist Movement

“Sequential pattern mining is a structured data mining approach, which is used to identify the statistical correlated patterns between the data values in a sequential order”

A Sequential Pattern Mining Approach on Tourist Movement

Studies on tourist movement directly contributable to the economic impacts in sub-regions, improve understanding of visitor experience, help crowd management, and aid planning and adjustments to transport systems.
There is limited understanding of how tourist movement happened in a temporal space during a mega event. Governments have sought to capitalize on mega events to develop tourism to achieve economic development and social transformation.

Project aim
This research projects propose a more comprehensive sequential patterning mining approach to understand tourist movement during a mega event

Our Approach
Using four different sequential pattern mining algorithms, this study investigates the movement of international visitors during the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games at a specific destination level through Twitter data

Key Findings
Sequential pattern mining is powerful in revealing the complex travel patterns and providing insights into the potential associated destinations of visitors
It contributes to the methodological literature on tourist movement and assists destination management organizations and event organizers in identifying the event’s contribution to tourists’ local visitation

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